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Objectif fcl055


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Objectif fcl055 Empty Objectif fcl055

Message  Quentin112 le Sam 26 Mai 2018 - 13:12

Ciao !

I've set myself the goal to get the fcl055 (ideally level 6) before august 2018, hence I'm looking for people to train with, via skype, phone or face to face. The idea is to share material, fictional flights etc... and get as ready as we can possibly be for the test Smile

So if you're interested please feel free ton contact me Very Happy

Concerning the test I'm not sure yet whether I will take the AEPS or DGAC but I'd welcome any feedback you may have on both exams.

Looking forward hearing from a FCL team mate ! ;)

Cheers and fly safe !
Jeunes Ailes For Ever
Jeunes Ailes For Ever

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Objectif fcl055 Empty Re: Objectif fcl055

Message  alexoom le Mer 30 Mai 2018 - 22:11

Hello Mister Quentin !

First of all, great idea to train yourself with other guys.
Ill be happy to share english conversations with you.
Do not hesitate to add me on skype : alexoom

Moreover, if you want a cheap and quick way to be a master in airline trafic conversation :
Go to this youtube chanel I highly recommand--->

To finish, never forget what our last president told us : Objectif fcl055 Thumb_wa

We are proud of you because you can be do what we want to do ! Boulet

In an other way, English is important if you want to succeed Mr.Red
Jeunes Ailes Spirit
Jeunes Ailes Spirit

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Objectif fcl055 Empty Re: Objectif fcl055

Message  Pierre le Sam 2 Juin 2018 - 10:41

Hi Quentin, as Alexoom just wrote it's a great idea to train with other people ! Happy to help via Skype or in any other way I can (DM me so we can setup a time).

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Objectif fcl055 Empty Re: Objectif fcl055

Message  commis15 le Sam 23 Mar 2019 - 1:54

hello dear Pilots,

after my theorik i want to get my FCL Objectif fcl055 23_2_39 BREXIT Objectif fcl055 10_5_135 Objectif fcl055 23_43_3 , have you some link for training or more ?

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