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Gloomy future? Maybe not ...

Jeunes Ailes For Ever
Jeunes Ailes For Ever

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Gloomy future? Maybe not ... Empty Gloomy future? Maybe not ...

Message  gc232 le Dim 26 Avr 2009 - 23:05

Le topic ci-apres s'adressent a ceux envisageant une filiere autodidacte pour devenir pilote de ligne, et qui ont un minimum idée de comment ca fonctionne. Faut le voir d'un point de vue "européen", et tenir compte que KD AF et Enac ne fournissent qu'une infime partie des PNT actuellement en ligne.

Je l'ai posté sur PPRuNe (immense forum anglophone qui regroupent les divers métiers de l'aérien), d'ou les petites précisions qui n'ont pas lieux d'etre sur JA.

Apres, chacun a son point de vue sur la question, d'ou le sujet de mon post. Beaucoup sur PPRuNe peignent un futur tres noir, et je pense utile de le contre-balancer dans une certaine mesure. Le coté virulant vient donc en réponse a tous ces gens, souvent sans expérience ou ayant raté leur formation, qui tentent de briser les reves des autres. Rappelez-vous, un certain St Exupéry a dit "Fais de ta vie un reve, et d'un reve une réalité".

Je ne re-traduis pas, je pense que c'est assez compréhensible et ca doit avoir sa place dans la partie "In english" du forum Gloomy future? Maybe not ... 5927

It's been quite a long time since I read the major threads on here, all depicting a gloomy future for the airline industry.
I honestly am not one of those who believe that getting a job in those tough times is something easy, nor when the market is doing better. I'm not someone who believes that the only hard part is gonna be to sign a cheque. However, I do believe that starting training now is not such a silly idea.

I really don't care what people do, there's certainly nothing urging at the moment, but when I read all those stupid comments like "you'll ruin your life, you'll never get a job and even if you do so you'll never be able to refund a loan. have fun in NZ, Goodyear or wherever else, and when you'll end up working at McDonalds', I won't fell sorry for you". (sorry if that's not the exact words but the idea is pretty much the same). Very useful comment, isn't it? (have a look at the CTC thread and you'll see how much people love to help each other in this small world).

Well, guys this is a forum, and nobody knows who exactly is the person you're talking to. In fact, some went to uni, graduated, or even already have a job. Or at least, some of us have a fallback in case the whole thing doesn't work out in the end. Not everyone is completely silly, immature, and thinks he/she will get a job working for BA right after the end of the training even during a crisis.
Not everyone is planning on working for an airline without considering being a flight instructor first, getting experienced, ...

I mean, ok, most FTOs say everything's fine, don't worry, give us the money and you'll get a job.
I know that a lot of people are planning to start training at 17, without going to Uni, without getting any work experience or even just life experience, no plan B, no idea of what it's going to be like, and maybe not even the proper skills (multi-tasking skills, reaction times, ability to learn, leadership, team working, ...) (I'm not saying that those not going to Uni or starting very young don't have their chances, and they may have a good reason for this, like not willing to get two huge debts since one is already a lot of pain ..).

Anyway, I think nobody cares about what people spend their money on.
I'm just fed up with the complete useless comments as shown above, the very classic "don't start training, wait, always wait !!". I really feel sorry for those of you who started in 2006/2007, because people told you to wait until the situation clears up, you did, and where are you now? Well, you're on the market in the middle of a crisis, because you waited ...
I mean, obviously some comments are good pieces of advice, don't trust everything you read especially when it looks too shiny, but "wait, wait and still wait" is certainly not "the" solution (if being a pilot is your goal).

Added to what said above, this link is a talk about the airline industry at the moment, that shows another point of view and you may find it quite interesting since it doesn't, for once, depict the gloom and doom future we're all waiting for ...
Once again, don't take everything as pure truth, that guy might be working for a FTO or have some interest in you starting training now. He doesn't say a word about all the downside of the whole thing, but still, he makes a point, and I believe he's not the most stupid man on Earth. (the talk is based on the US situation ... but most of it is still relevant for those who live on this side of the ocean).

One last thing, yes this is my first comment.
And no, I'm not working for any FTO. To be honest, the less people are starting training now, the less people available on the market there will be, and the "easier" (although its not the appropriate word) it'll be to get a job for the few others.
Whatever you believe. If you're struggling deciding whether to start training now, take your own decision, and if that's best for you to wait regarding your situation, then wait.

By the way, I'm not English, I'm French (yeah I know, how sad! lol) that explains the potential mistakes in the above. And yes, I do think that helps to speak 2 or 3 languages when it comes to aviation ..

Good luck guys

And remember, people in here might be your potential competitors for the job you're applying for, but don't shoot at everyone, usually if you help someone, he'll help you back. But if you prefer to shoot down everyone first, then here's your choice !

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Gloomy future? Maybe not ... Empty Re: Gloomy future? Maybe not ...

Message  Flyerinjoker le Lun 27 Avr 2009 - 0:42

bon sujet !!

en claire cela ne fait que reprendre ce qui se dit un peu partout dans les FTO c'est qu'il ne faut pas forcément attendre de voir comment évoluera la situation mais savoir être pret au bon moment... alors évidemment ce n'est pas facile pour ceux qui ont peut de moyen, c'est un sacré coup de poker... mais c'est, à mon avis, l'une des seules solutions !!

ensuite, à la fin je trouve ça très important de préciser qu'il ne faut pas descendre ceux qui cherchent un job alors qu'on en cherche un aussi !! car dans ce domaine tout le monde se connait (pas forcément directement...) mais le chef du recrutement d'une compagnie, connaitra forcément telle ou telle personne qui connait celui (ou celle...) à qui vous avez fait du tord et quand cela nous arrive de se voir refuser une embauche pour de telles raisons, cela doit bien foutre les boules... alors un bon conseil, restons tous copain !!!

merci GC232, c'est un sujet qui rassure dans un sens de voir qu'il y a des gens qui ne peignent pas le tableau tout en noir !! et qui y mettent un peu de bleu par ci par là !! Very Happy
Jeunes Ailes Spirit
Jeunes Ailes Spirit

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Gloomy future? Maybe not ... Empty Re: Gloomy future? Maybe not ...

Message  ML le Lun 27 Avr 2009 - 12:49

Good day!

I will go along with you and your message seems plenty of good sense: fellow your dreams but cleverly !!! Do not allow anyone to destroy your life by listening some dumb things. Nevertheless, before moving, you should think about your alternatives and I keep my idea that starting a training at 18 years old with just nothing else is a suicide. I would like to add another main point at your message: everyone can lose his class 1 without notice. This fact appears often to be forgetten but what happen if a pilot does not have his medical any longer? It means he cannot fly. Consequently, he would lose his job immediately...

Imagine for one second a 35-40 year old person who knows only how to fly. After being implicated in an accident (roadcrash, sport or whatever), his medical is not renewed (and it's very easy to lose it, even if the person isn't in a wheelchair!!!!). Unfortunately for him, he has no other training as he used to be a pilot from the age of 18... What can he do? Question

Anyway, in addition of the economical crisis, we would maybe have to be confronted with another big problem in the next couple of weeks which could involve some main troubles in the aviation area: the flu...Rolling Eyes There will be always something wrong and if you expect starting a training during a "good time", you should wait for a looooooonnnnnnnggggggg time. Be clever and have a plan B, it's the only advice I can give at this present time.

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